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Salsa Revolution

  How I Got Started  My name is Angie Bonilla. I started my salsa business having the privilege of my aunt Lydia who encouraged me to carry on a family tradition that eventually helped me perfect the taste I knew my customers would love.  I also went through intense and vigorous training through Texas A&M University with Dr. Al Wagner, Professor and Extension food technologist. In accordance with Texas guidelines, I submitted each salsa for lab testing and received official approval through the state of Texas and eventually FDA approval. The Salsas are made and manufactured in a commercial kitchen. I am very grateful to Habaneros for encouraging, displaying, and selling the Salsas at their restaurant.  Our adventure began in 2011 when we started our business by selling our salsas at the Bartonville, Texas Farmers Market . I currently sell my salsas at the Denton Community Market in Denton, Texas. I am very grateful to all the individuals who have helped me along the way. I want to especially thank my husband, Raul, a veteran of the U.S Army. Together we perfected the taste and safety of each salsa that is sold to all our customers throughout the country. Texas made salsa, family tradition, and the best customers in the USA; it doesn't get any better than that! God Bless America!